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Grant Dynamo 3 Level 1

The Grant Dynamo 3 course is the best place to start, as it's the culmination of a decade of work training researchers in the US and across the globe how to write more compelling stories. Grant Dynamo 3 is the most advanced course we've taught, distilling the process down to a step-by-step approach you can apply to your own proposals now and in the future. 

Grant Dynamo 3 Level 1 specifially focuses on the specific aims page, presenting the framework Morgan has spent years developing: the Grant Story Funnel. This course guides you through how to write a compelling specific aims page, step-by-step. At each step, you're given details and examples to show you how to write it most effectively, and save you the usual time and exhaustion of writing a proposal. You're given exercises (with worksheets) you can use each time you start a new proposal, to walk you step by step through the process, until you master it.

Grant Dynamo 3 Level 2

Grant Dynamo 3 Level 2 is the continuation of Level 1, which covers the rest of the proposal after you have perfected your specific aims page. One of the big focuses in Level 2 is getting clarity on your proposal, including why clarity is lost and often difficult to recapture. The course then shifts to going through each section of your proposal in detail, including numerous examples, writing details, and worksheets to apply what you've learned. 

Grant Dynamo 3 Level 2 includes numerous funded (and rejected!) grant examples (R01’s, R21, R35, DoD, etc), walking you through what worked and what did not in each of them. It also has 7+ auxillary lessons to strengthen your knowledge, including lessons on creating brilliant figures, managing collaborators, and more.

The Grant Foundry

If you're looking to develop the skill of writing better proposals through practice and feedback for research grants to NIH, NSF, DOE, DOD, and others, the Grant Foundry has no rival. Started in 2011, it is designed to give you the knowledge of how to write much better proposals in the context of actually writing a live proposal so that you can turn this into a repeatable skill to use for the rest of your career. As well, we work with you on your entire grant writing process and your grant writing "mindset" to help you optimize this process from start to finish. 

Grant Foundry is typically offered two to three times per year, in the form of 8-10 week workshop. We also offer add-on coaching for a limited number of participants - this is perfect for those wanting a more intensive and personalized feedback experience with dditional accountability checkpoints throughout the program.

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