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(Note: In the video I mention the regular tuition, see "Registration and Tuition" for your launch-only tuition reduction)

What you'll learn in this course

Get Clarity About the Pivot That Ties Your Proposal Together

Module 1

We start with getting Clarity on your proposal, including why clarity is lost and often difficult to recapture.

Module 1 introduces the Grant Story Pivot - a Step by Step tool to identify the "core" of your Grant Proposal Story, around which the rest of your proposal will be organized.

  •  Reduce guesswork and iteration by organizing your Story around the Pivot
  • Stories and Frames - and how those greatly impact your process (and results)
  • "Deconvoluting" your stories to produce insight on what your reviewer wants

A Deep Process to Work Towards Clarity in Your Science (PARLEZ)

Module 2

Often, problems with writing/story construction stem from a deeper lack of real clarity about how your science fits into your community. Surprisingly, most people learn an “ad hoc” approach to this in graduate school, leaving them frequently without a means of repeatably arriving at all-important clarity on their research.

In this module you will learn the PARLEZ approach to getting deep clarity on your research and how it fits with your field.

  • Save time on your proposals 
  • Establish yourself as a leader in your field
  • Discover why your field’s confusion and misinterpretation is often your window to success

The Why and What of Your Research Strategy

Module 3

The Research Strategy is the critical center of any research proposal. In this module, you will learn the structure of a compelling Research Strategy that works for all proposal types (including non-NIH). We will cover how all the parts and pieces fit together - building an outline easily from your Specific Aims.

  • How to allocate your space so that the pieces most important for reviewer enthusiasm are maximized
  • The Key Frames and Their Supportive Frames: where they map in your proposal
  • Common misconceptions about this part to avoid
  • Why spending too much time and space on your Approach will backfire
  • A simplified Figure strategy

Writing the Significance Section

Module 4

Many writers struggle with this part, leaving it too short, too confusing, and without lasting impact. In this module, you will learn how to connect with your reviewer's desires, to generate enthusiasm and leave a lasting (positive) impression.

  • Avoiding the “tyranny of how” that loads readers down (and makes your writing a chore)
  • The “waffle word” buzzkill
  • Stacking Leverage: how to avoid the typical traps and what to do instead to get interest
  • Why not to create “lit review” doldrums, and what to do instead
  • Building the multi-layer “cake” that will have your reviewer hungry for more
  • Avoiding the preliminary data trap that will sink your chances

Your Innovation Section

Module 5

The Innovation Section has received a lot of attention recently, but what is it the NIH (and other funders) are really looking for here?

In this module, you will learn the simple, no hassle way to convey the innovation of your research.

  • How to identify your innovation, even when it doesn’t feel innovative
  • The Pioneer vs the Maverick - how to self identify and play to your strengths rather than weaknesses

Rigor and Reproducibility

Module 6

Module 6 is all about how to meet these relatively new NIH requirements without headaches. 

  • Know exactly what to do - and what not to do
  • Leverage the work you’ve already done in the prior modules to easily address these requirements
  • Why the NIH cares about “contrast” and how you can make sure to give it to them
  • A checklist of key items to include

The Approach Section

Module 7

This might seem like an "easy" section to write, but the way most people write this section can lead to the common problem of reviewers overlooking key facets. In Module 7, you will learn what to do instead. We will cover how to build strong desire for the aims you propose to do - while also maintaining trust that you and your team “know what you’re doing” (rather than killing it, as so often happens).

  • How to logically design aims to test hypotheses and meet research objectives
  • How to build the “how” of your proposal, with what and why still layered in to remind your reviewer
  • The possible and likely objections of reviewers: building your approach for trust
  • How to meet the new NIH requirements as you write, rather than as an afterthought
  • What to do for other proposal types
  • Detailed examples from funded proposals

Meeting Additional Requirements

Module 8

What about all those other sections of your proposal: Biosketches, Budgets, Data sharing plan, Multi-PI Plan, etc?

Module 8 addresses how to make sure your other sections fit with and strengthen your Grant Story, including:

  • Why Human Bias can render certain instructions moot
  • Why letters of support are so important, and how to get them
  • The pitfalls of seemingly simple budget decisions
  • Negotiating with collaborators
  • Using your personnel justification to strengthen your story

Your Grant Dynamo 3 (Level 2) Includes...

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An Example Library, walking you through what worked and what did not in each of the examples (R01’s, R21, R35, DoD, etc)

Worksheet Screenshot


Exercises and worksheets to help you implement the material as you go through the modules. Use again and again for every proposal you work on.

Earbuds by Computer

Audio Downloads

Listen to the lessons via audio - in the car, at the bench, or anywhere else! Downloadable audio to take and go.

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Auxillary Lessons to Deepen Your Knowledge

  • Creating Brilliant Figures - a clinic on making compelling figures
  • Leveraging Your Team to help you write more quickly and powerfully
  • Powerful Framing - Understanding the basics of “framing” and how to construct words that produce the response you want, instead of the one(s) you don’t
  • The Problem Is Lack of a Problem Focus - a lesson on one of the biggest impediments to creating desire in your reviewer
  • 41 iterations to clarity - A case study of the 41 iterations it took to arrive at a solid and compelling R01 Specific Aims page (and how to speed up the process)
  • Fitting the frameworks together - How do you use the Grant Story Funnel, the Story Pivot, and PARLEZ together for maximum results? In this lesson we talk about integrating them.
  • Managing your collaborations effectively - Grant collaborations can help with funding, but can be difficult to manage. How to do collaborations productively and happily
  • And More ...
Bike Size Food

Bite Size Pieces

We break the longer modules into 20-30 minute max pieces, making the lessons much more “bite-sized”. You can do one short lesson and its corresponding worksheet part each day, to fit into a busy schedule.

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Members Area

Got a question about a lesson? Got feedback? Want to see new lessons? Post in our comments section for each lesson.

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Free access to the Core Productivity Course (normally $470) to help you manage and balance your productivity during these challenging times

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Lisann Gittner

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, there is! We can split up your tuition payment over a six-month period, at no extra charge. See "payment plan" above.

Can you provide references I can contact?

We make it a high priority to respect our clients' privacy, and do not give out contact information. We provide some general quotes from past students who volunteered these unsolicited. We also offer a 30 day tuition back guarantee so you can give the materials a test drive yourself.

Can you provide statistics on funding rates?

If others claim specific numbers or funding rates for their classes or consulting, be wary. Such numbers are not at all meaningful unless obtained in a carefully controlled study performing a long-term comparison of students without intervention versus those with intervention. Further, the results depend on the student's effort as much or more than the teacher's. Having an instructor "guarantee" a certain level of success for their students would be impossible.

What we can say is that we've had a lot of feedback from those who've used the methods we've taught successfully, not only for grants but for other kinds of communications (like manuscripts) as well.

How much time will this take?

The main lessons of the course total about 10 hours. With your ongoing (minimum two years) access, you can take your time, and review as often as you want. However, to be realistic, understand that the real time involved is in your iterative application of these principles to your live grant proposals, and that is likely to be a substantial investment of time. However, that is unlikely to be more than you'd already invest in writing and submitting proposals via trial-and-error.

Is there a discount for students/post-docs

Yes, there is! Verified students and postdocs receive a 40% discount on the regular tuition of $570, bringing it to $342. You can also use a payment plan, bringing that to only $57/month for 6 months. This is a small investment that will pay off on a career-long basis. Email us your verification to receive the discount link.

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Yes, there is! Grant Dynamo 3 Level 1 students can get an add-on of Grant Dynamo 3 Level 2 for $470 Tuition.  Email us for your special discount link.

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Is it Time to Stop The Cycle Of Wasted Time and Rejection?

Note: No class, no matter how well-constructed, is a substitute for your own hard work as a student. If you do not invest your time on an ongoing basis in developing these crucial skills, you absolutely will not get any useful results by enrolling in the class, or via any other means we are aware of. 

While we do our best to represent your potential results accurately, understand that your results ultimately depend on your effort more than they do any other factor - including our teaching and materials. The class materials are provided solely as a guide to focus those efforts, and reduce the cycle of time-wasting that so many researchers experience when it comes to grant proposal writing.  There is no other claim about your results being represented here, except that as with all of life, the more effort you put in, the more you will get out - and that having an experienced guide such as this class can generally facilitate a more efficient journey. 

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