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Don't have Grant Dynamo 3 Level 1 already?

While not a mandatory pre-requisite for this new Level 2 course we are doing, you will get more out of this new course if you have a firm grounding in concepts like the Grant Story Funnel and how to apply that to develop a clear and compelling Specific Aims Page (or equivalent).

You can get started right away with Level I with our Summer Special, with $100 off your tuition. Time is limited. 
Learn the step-by-step method of putting together a Specific Aims page that will get your reviewers wanting to read more.
Avoid the biggest mistakes that most people make when following conventional wisdom or guesswork in crafting a Specific Aims page
Get access to our library of 11 (and growing) examples spanning R01 Specific Aims to NSF Project Summary pages to MIRA proposal front pages (with no formal Specific Aims).

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Thursday, August 20 - Friday, August 21, 2020

7:30AM-2:30 PM Pacific (8AM-2PM Friday)

8:30AM-3:30 PM Mountain (9AM-3PM Friday)

9:30AM-4:15 PM Central (10AM-4PM Friday)

10:30AM-5:15 PM Eastern (11AM-5PM Friday)

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What You'll Learn in this masterclass:

How to quickly hone in on the key "pivot point" around which all other elements revolve, so you can quickly get clarity on a compelling story that will excite reviewers
Step-By-Step how to construct key parts of your proposal like the Significance, Innovation, and Approach section
How to use framing to producing the typical boredom, disengagement, and even frustration that many reviewers feel as a result of the typical proposal
You'll get the full worksheets (same as the paid version) to help you implement what you learn in the course

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Morgan Giddings

Morgan Giddings, PhD

Dr. Morgan Giddings brought in over $23M in grant funding during her tenure as an Associate professor at UNC Chapel Hill. Now, she is the creator of programs and courses like Grant Dynamo, Grant Foundry, and the Research Success Alliance - all designed to help research doctors and scientists reduce overwhelm and frustration while increasing career satisfaction and grant funding. After working with 100's of clients from the world's top research institutions, she observed repeating patterns of what works and what doesn't when it comes to constructing a Powerful Grant Story, and is excited to share the strategy more widely.

Stefanie Robel

Prof. Stefanie Robel, PhD

Stefanie Robel, PhD is the head coach of the intensive grant training program Grant Foundry at Marketing Your Science, LLC and leads a research team at a R1 university in the US. She trained in grant writing with Morgan Giddings since 2012. When she started her tenure-track position in 2016 she hit the ground running bringing in over $6M in funding in her first two years as faculty member. In late 2017, Stefanie joined Morgan’s team of coaches to help other academics hone their grant writing and leadership skills.

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