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Morgan Giddings

Dr. Morgan Giddings
Creator of the Grant Dynamo and Grant Foundry, Author of Four Steps to Funding

Stefanie Robel

Dr. Stefanie Robel
Head Coach, Grant Foundry; Research Team Leader  at major R1 University

In this brand new live Master Class, you will learn in detail how to find your scientific "pivot" around which all other parts of your proposal revolve. You will then learn how to develop this into a compelling "Grant Story" in the major parts of your proposal, such as Significance, Innovation, and Approach.

Thursday, August 20, 2020 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM Mountain Time (with breaks)

Friday, August  21, 2020 9AM - 3PM Mountain Time (with breaks)

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED - But you can get the Full Content of the Class at a Reduced Tuition for the next Few Days

Register for this course during the live event, save $200, and get Extra Bonuses!

Here's what you'll learn in this Master Class:

How to identify the key "pivot point" - the central concept around which all other story elements revolve
How to get clarity fasterusing the PARLEZ approach that bypasses the frustrating "random walk" by showing you a step-by-step method for identifying the most powerful research questions that will excite your reviewers (and you). 
The easy and low-stress way to develop your Significance Section (or equivalent).  We walk you through how to construct a compelling and engaging story in your Significance section (or equivalent) with examples from funded proposals.
How to avoid producing the typical boredom, disengagement, and even frustration that many reviewers feel as a result of the typical proposal
What to do about the "Rigor and Reproducibility" requirements by funders like NIH. Learn exactly how to address these as part of a compelling Grant Story Funnel.
And many more time-saving, frustration-reducing techniques that will help you develop more compelling proposals to funders like NIH, NSF, DOD, DOE, USDA, NICHR, and others.

By completing the registration form, you are registering to attend the free, live two-day master class that will show you how to identify your "story pivot" - the central concept around which all other elements of your Grant Story Funnel revolve. Identifying this from the start will save you time and frustration, and create the basis for a more exciting and compelling proposal for your reviewers. We will then show you how to develop the Pivot into the major sections of your proposal (e.g. Significance, Innovation, Approach). 

This is a brand new training.  It is the followup to the Grant Dynamo 3 Level 1 course, but you don't need to take that course to benefit from this one. Also note: this new Masterclass will not cover any detail about the Specific Aims (NIH) or Project Summary (NSF), as those are covered in the Grant Dynamo 3 Level 1. 

We will present this class as a series of sessions. After you register we'll send you the full syllabus. Attendance in all sessions is not mandatory, but you will miss a lot if you don't attend the sessions sequentially. We will use your information to send you reminders about this event and related events in the future, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

The Grant Story Pivot Point

This Masterclass is for you if:

You want to make a small investment of your time now in order to save a great deal of time and stress over your research grant applications later
You are applying for research funding but don't have a substantially high success rate (or want to further improve your success rate)
You struggle to know exactly what to write on your proposal to maximize its impact - and sometimes you struggle to get going with the writing at all
You are committed to improved mastery of effective and compelling writing - for your proposals and everything else
You find yourself going around in circles developing your aims to get clarity about what the core, exciting point of the proposal is for your reviewers.

Addressing the crisis...

In the bigger picture, we believe there is an ongoing crisis, with the system being inundated with poorly constructed grant proposals that waste both the applicants' and the reviewers' time. This serves nobody, and just feeds the naysayers who dismiss the value of science and research, because they can point to the inefficiency and often slow progress. By reaching as many researchers as we can – to help them become clearer and more compelling writers – it will facilitate the worthwhile research standing out, rather than being obscured beneath ineffective messaging.

We developed the techniques of the Grant Story Funnel, The Pivot, and PARLEZ in response to ten years working with researchers on their proposals. We noticed a common struggle with them developing a clear and compelling story in their proposal. While we would arrive at it through iteration, we knew there had to be a more direct way. After analyzing over eleven successful R01's side by side, we extracted the components they all had in common, and developed these unique, proprietary approaches. I (Morgan Giddings) truly wishes I had access to when I struggled with grant funding early in my career. (Dr. Robel had the assistance of the precursor of these methods developed by Dr. Giddings that assisted her early in her career).

A note for those who don't have time to attend most or all of the live, free workshop: This workshop is part of a brand new paid class we are creating, that will be available in early September 2020. The paid class will allow you to go through at your own pace and time. Even if you can't attend live, by registering now you get a substantial discount on the full class. More details - and a special deep one-time tuition discount - will be coming soon! Make sure to register here even if you can't attend the live class so you'll be notified when we announce that class.

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Why is this being offered for free?

We are using the deadline of presenting this live masterlclass, to get this course finished and released into the wild (Grant Dynamo 3, Level II). It is a paid course, but because you help us get it done by attending live, we are offering it for free to you. By attending live you'll get over eight hours of training, along with worksheets to apply to your own proposal development. 

 It will require an investment of your time now, for a potentially big payoff down the road.

Praise from the Live Masterclass on the Grant Story Funnel (Feb 2020)

"Thank you very much Morgan for your time, energy and effort! Great stuff, very deep with a crystal clarity."
- Anton
"Thanks Morgan - very helpful and compelling as always. Great to listen to you every time"
- Cristian
"I'm in India and stayed up all night for this! Totally worth it! Thank you."
- Clea
Morgan Giddings

Morgan Giddings, PhD

Dr. Morgan Giddings brought in over $23M in grant funding during her tenure as an Associate professor at UNC Chapel Hill. Now, she is the creator of programs and courses like Grant Dynamo, Grant Foundry, and the Research Success Alliance - all designed to help research doctors and scientists reduce overwhelm and frustration while increasing career satisfaction and grant funding. After working with 100's of clients from the world's top research institutions, she observed repeating patterns of what works and what doesn't when it comes to constructing a Powerful Grant Story, and is excited to share the strategy more widely.

Stefanie Robel

Prof. Stefanie Robel, PhD

Stefanie Robel, PhD is the head coach of the intensive grant training program Grant Foundry at Marketing Your Science, LLC and leads a research team at a R1 university in the US. She trained in grant writing with Morgan Giddings since 2012. When she started her tenure-track position in 2016 she hit the ground running bringing in over $6M in funding in her first two years as faculty member. In late 2017, Stefanie joined Morgan’s team of coaches to help other academics hone their grant writing and leadership skills.

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