"Seven Traps You Must Avoid in Research Grant Writing To Save Time, Effort, and Frustration"

In this free LIVE training we'll show you seven time-wasting, frustration-causing traps people get into when writing research grant proposals to NIH, NSF, DOE, and other funders.

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I wanted to thank you again for putting together this amazing live class I attended. This was quite eye opening! - Thomas P
Thanks for providing this awesome opportunity. I am really enjoying the free workshop.
Colleen E
Thank you so much for this extensive grant writing session...  Much much appreciated!
- Kristin L

Exclusive Free Training with Dr. Morgan giddings and Dr. Stefanie Robel

The Seven myths that may be slowing your grant-getting efforts that we "myth bust" - don't keep falling prey to them and wasting time
Why so many writers are confused about what it means to "write clearly" - and the underlying process of gaining clarity
A major trap to avoid -- especially when you're just starting out - which also affects more senior researchers and can lead to career spinouts
How to make the writing process easy and fun, and why most people don't do that  
Many other tips and strategies that we wish we'd known before wasting years on rejected proposals 

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What are the most time-wasting, frustration-causing traps in writing research grant proposals? How can you avoid them to be much more efficient in getting the funding you need?

After over 21 cumulative years of writing our own proposals then teaching others to write more effectively, we’ve seen many of our clients fall into the same pitfalls we’ve previously encountered. 

These are the kinds of mistakes that can cause repeated grant rejection — and for junior faculty dependent on funding, put your career at risk.  We’ve seen senior researchers fall into many of these traps as well – seriously slowing down progress.

While some researchers “get by” with funding despite making these mistakes, it often comes at the cost of a great deal of wasted time and effort that could be spent on more worthwhile things (like moving the research forward). 

In this free online class, we’ll cover the seven most time-wasting mistakes we’ve encountered, and discuss strategies you can start using immediately to avoid them.

Morgan Giddings, PhD

Dr. Morgan Giddings brought in over $23M in grant funding leading to and during her tenure as an Associate professor at UNC Chapel Hill. Now, she is the creator of programs and courses like Grant Dynamo, Grant Foundry, and the Research Success Alliance - designed to help researchers increase career satisfaction and grant funding. After working with 1000's of clients from the world's top research institutions, she observed repeating patterns of what works and what doesn't, and is excited to share the strategy more widely.

Stefanie Robel

Prof. Stefanie Robel, PhD

Stefanie Robel, PhD worked as the head coach of the intensive grant training program - Grant Foundry - at Marketing Your Science, LLC and leads a research team at a R1 university in the US. She trained in grant writing with Morgan Giddings since 2012. When she started her tenure-track position in 2016 she hit the ground running bringing in over $6M in funding in her first two years as faculty member. In late 2017, Stefanie joined Morgan’s team of coaches to help other academics hone their grant writing and leadership skills.

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