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How to Win Over Your Grant Reviewers: 
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In this workshop, you will learn in detail how to construct a compelling and persuasive Grant Story Funnel. Having a powerful and compelling story is one of the major precursors to getting consistent grant funding, with more efficiency and ease.

February 20 9AM - 4:15PM Mountain time (with breaks)

February 21st 9AM - 3PM (with breaks)

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Why is this two-day training free? I am using the deadline of presenting this live, to get this course finished and released into the wild. It is a paid course, but because you help me get it done by attending live, I am offering it for free to you. By attending live you'll get over eight hours of training, along with worksheets to apply to your own proposal development. 

 If you do not have time to attend most or all of the sessions live, as a valued subscriber, you have access to a heavily discounted version of the paid Grant Dynamo 3 class until Feb 21. The paid class will allow you to go at your own pace and time through the content (for two years or more), and you get access to more materials and bonus content that I won't have time to cover in the live course. You can find out more about the special sale here.

In the bigger picture, I believe there is an ongoing crisis, with the system being inundated with poorly constructed grant proposals that waste both the applicants and the reviewer's time. This serves nobody, and just feeds the naysayers about the value of science and research, because they can point to the inefficiency and often slow progress. By reaching as many as I can, to help them become clearer and more compelling writers, this will allow the worthwhile research to stand out, rather than being obscured beneath ineffective messaging.

I developed the Grant Story Funnel in response to my past ten years working with researchers on their proposals. I noticed a common struggle for them to develop a clear and compelling story in their proposal. While we would arrive at it through iteration, I knew there had to be a more direct way. After analyzing over six successful R01's side by side, I extracted the components they all had in common, and developed the Grant Story Funnel. This technique provides you with a simple step-by-step approach to develop a compelling and clear story - one that I truly wish I had access to when I struggled with grant funding early in my career. 

A note for those who don't have time to attend most or all of the live, free workshop: This workshop is part of a paid class I am creating, that will be available in early March. The paid class will allow you to go through at your own pace and time. Even if you can't attend live, by registering now you get a substantial discount on the full class - it's by far the lowest tuition for any grant writing class I've released in the past 10 years. You can find out more here.

Morgan Giddings

About The Author

Dr. Morgan Giddings brought in over $23M in grant funding during her tenure as an Associate professor at UNC Chapel Hill. Now, she is the creator of programs and courses like Grant Dynamo, Grant Foundry, and the Research Success Alliance - all designed to help research doctors and scientists reduce overwhelm and frustration while increasing career satisfaction and grant funding. After working with 100's of clients from the world's top research institutions, she observed repeating patterns of what works and what doesn't when it comes to constructing a Powerful Grant Story, and is excited to share the strategy more widely.

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